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Another piece inspired by rainbows. This one has a central radiating point similar to "The Path" only reversed. As I compose a piece with my spontaneous wash method sometimes the areas of a painting that are lighter in value and color require much more layers to overpower the umber doodling I start with. Sometimes just to approach things differently I will start a painting on a paper overlay with an ink wash. This gives me a chance to change the theme if I am not completely satisfied without building up the paint beyond necessity. I also roughly outline the imagery I see on the paper then transfer the basic theme by rubbing charcoal on the back of the paper. Then I start again with my umber wash on the painting panel only this time the initial application is to establish values. I have done this method several times since the painting "Birth of the Cities". Sometimes sketching out the theme somewhat removes the free flowing of movement within the piece. Then again establishing the theme provides a more exacting of anatomical necessities. No matter what the objects are. This piece is fantasy art mainly because of the castle, but it could also be landscape art because there are castles on mountain tops.
Oil - 24" x 36"
See detail below.