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"Don't Forget to Water the Cherry Tree"

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"Don't Forget to Water the Cherry Tree"
Symbolism for sure in this one. This is the premise that crossed my mind as I painted it...someone has left, we'll assume it was a man. The lady left alone is not able to leave her environment so she picks the daisies and recites "he loves me, he loves me not". Yet the only thing on the man's mind is "make sure you water the cherry tree as I love the fruit and I do not want it to die". What a cad. The checkered water symbolizes the chess game of love. The crack in the globe (which you cannot see) symbolizes the strain the relationship is already under. The crystals were stuck in my mind as my son had just gotten a "Grow your own crystals" set. I thought that maybe this one could be fantastic art but the use of symbolism seems to put it in a surrealism category.
Oil - 24" x 36"
See detail below.