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"Feel the Wind"

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"Feel the Wind"
This is one of the paintings where I was slightly dissatisfied with the final effect of the skin tones on the lady in the painting, mainly because acrylics dry too fast for me to blend the areas as I would like. I wanted to go over the lady again with oil but the painting titled "Everything Turns to Stone" did not prove that technique would work effectively. However with the use of the cobalt drier and safe solve mix I felt confident it may be okay. I used oil and the drier mix with slight trepidation as I really liked this piece. Apparently it worked as there was no etching of the oil into the acrylic and I managed to get the skin blends I wanted.

This is one of the three paintings where the subject matter gives an indication of randomly placed objects but in actuality everything is placed exactly where it's supposed to be, once the theme (surrealism) comes into my minds eye.
Acrylic - 24" x 36"
See detail below.