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"Keep Your Eye on the Rainbow"

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"Keep Your Eye on the Rainbow"
I purposely used three types of color harmonies throughout this painting. Bringing one or two elements of one harmony into another. I would have to say this piece had my best handling of acrylic paints. This painting was inspired by one of my long walks on the ranch behind my studio. I had actually seen a complete ground to ground rainbow against a 95% gray sky. An incredible sensation which I still remember?and which also inspired the black and white "Optic Sunset". Note: 7/21/06 - I have now seen a complete ground to ground double rainbow. A double rainbow is where the upper one is a color reflection of the lower one. You can tell because the upper (reflected) rainbow has red on the bottom where as a regular rainbow always has red on the top.

I had considered a category of landscape art for this one, being as how it was directly influenced by a view of a landscape, but the eye under the rainbow makes it surrealism As least to me it does. I could always paint the eye out and change it back to a plain landscape, but I painted the eye in originally because that is symbolic of what I saw.
 Acrylic - 20" x 30"
See detail below.