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"The Tree of Life"

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"The Tree of Life"
Grab hold of the earth and branch out to embrace all aspects of life. These were my thoughts as I painted this piece. The feelings coming mainly from the long walks I take on the land behind my studio. On one walk I was looking for pieces of ancient Indian pottery and I got the feeling something was watching me. Sure enough I was being checked out by a Cooper's Hawk sitting in the tree above me probably wondering why I was rummaging around in the bushes. I guess I should look up more often.

How could anyone not love a tree? They give us the breath of life as oxygen. They hold no malice to the species that cuts them down and strips the earth of them. And for the most part, if left alone, they outlive humans as they stand and meditate and watch us run around tending to our little chores. Pass your hand across the trunk of a tree, close your eyes and you will feel the chi.

I would have to show this surreal piece four times as large as any home computer screen to show all the imagery mainly because of the low resolution of computer screens. Additional detailed pictures are available upon request.
Oil - 24" x 36"
See detail below.