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"Water Falls"

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"Water Falls"
I had wondered what water would look like falling up towards the sky, but the fact that gravity is a constant made it extremely difficult to orient my mind's eye to that event to portray it realistically. So instead I had it fall down to the sky. Surrealism.

Waterfalls tend to vary in the way the water cascades down depending on the height of the drop and the amount of water. Over 40 years ago (after I had only been painting for a year) I thought my imagination could portray anything without using references and all I had to do was continually render it until it magically looked like it was supposed to. Then when one of my instructors was critiquing a piece, she remarked, "Why does this waterfall look like a giant tongue?"

A few years later during one of my meditation sessions I had seen a waterfall in a jungle flowing upwards to the sky. In this dream the water was hitting the sky and fanning out as if the sky (a hundred feet up or so) was solid. I might paint this version some day.
Oil - 36" x 24"
See detail below.