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"Everything Turns To Stone"


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"Everything Turns To Stone"
An experiment using an oil and acrylic composition - which I should not repeat. I had to do the sky area over about six times before the oil would stop soaking into the acrylic base color. I assumed it was due to the acidity of the new citrus based safe solvent I was using as a thinner. But this had never happened using pure spirits of turpentine as a solvent with other oil over acrylic compositions. Anyhow I got so irritated that I'm not sure if I added all the effects I would have if the technique had been positive. Note: this was however, in 1996. Since that time, in 2002 I went back to using a cobalt drier and safe solvent mix of one part drier to six parts safe solvent. Wash layers with just a touch of this mix seem to dry in one to three hours and not the longer time of up to two weeks which allowed the oil solvent plenty of time to etch into the acrylic. This may work to my advantage if I attempt to do another oil and acrylic composition which are useful for sci-fi and other periodical illustrations that not are practical to do on the computer. As of 2009 I no longer use a drier or any thinner solvents as I believe I finally learned how to paint without using them. It only took me 38 years. The theme makes this piece surrealism.
Oil with acrylic base - 24" x 36"
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