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How to draw anything.
How to draw fantasy art, how to draw surrealism, how to draw science fiction.

The Art of Visualizing

Black and White

-A Guide to Intuitive Drawing-

by Michael Csontos

Now available on amazon.com

Exactly where does an artist get his or her ideas? That is the question I have been asked dozens of times. My answer is from a multitude of places: the imagination, nature, a situation, the mind's eye when looking at something abstract, a customers comment, a client's product, an animal, a tree, a bush or a bug and even dreams, the subconscious, technology and just about every single thing that crosses one's path in life. It is all these things because the sub-conscious never forgets. But, I have been told that the sub-conscious never seems to know what is real and what is imagined.

This book is based on how to see images from simple sketches and doodles. All of the places mentioned previously will come into play as the mind relaxes when looking at a simple sketch. If you're interested in producing works of art for yourself or for someone else, the images and techniques portrayed in "The Art of Visualizing Black & White" will undoubtedly give you the tools, ideas and procedure you're looking for. If you're just interested in viewing imaginary imagery, then this book will still provide that pleasure.

Over 180 images along with techniques presented in pencil, ink, computer and airbrush give a variety of ideas for realism, commercial projects and fantasy. With a lifetime of experience in illustrating and 41 years as a professional, I explain how and what I 'see' along with examples of my own creations. This book is a powerful reference for anyone considering an art career of any kind. The main concept behind this book is that visualizing is the key to any successful piece of art. Whether that style of art is realism, fantasy art, science fiction, surrealism or graphic art. The rest is rendering and technique.

There are thirteen visualizing categories, nine of which are step by step. The book is 8.5" x 11" and 104 pages. Available through amazon.com and is priced at $13.95. Satisfaction guaranteed through amazon.com. Please take a moment to check it out.

Below are just a few of the 180 plus finished images contained in the book "The Art of Visualizing Black & White" - A Guide to Intuitive Drawing. Even if you have no intention of ever wanting to be an artist, there are approximately 78 fine graphic illustrations, of a surreal/fantasy nature that are worth perusing for your enjoyment. Almost four times what I would put in a portfolio.

I have also put up one of the step by step drawing tutorials from this book to show you the procedure I use when visualizing a spontaneous composition.

Note: I tried to put this book on Kindle or a similar format but they chopped it up so badly it looked horrible.

All images in the book "The Art of Visualizing Black & White - A Guide to Intuitive Drawing" are copyright with the Library of Congress.