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Perceptions II

On this page I have posted most of the images for my third book as I completed them. My goal was to have 50 original oil paintings and 50+ black and white images. I ended up with 87 black and white images (a few from life drawing sessions). I always went with the spontaneity of the sketch or doodle which seemed to produce mostly fantasy art, surrealism and some science fiction. Occasionally a landscape seemed to develop. Being as how this third book has only vertical format paintings, there were very few landscape (only) paintings. As I review the paintings, sometimes I feel the contrast and highlights may need adjusting and/or reworking. Any that I rework, I will also re-photograph and re-post. The book layout however is a done deal. Perceptions II is 8.5" x 11" and is 140 pages. Available on amazon.com

Reproduction Rights. A (CMYK) .pdf or (RGB) .jpg file is available for those who wish to use reproduction rights. Those files are created by professionally photographing the paintings with a hi-res digital camera, under dual lighting and cross polarization filters for glare removal and color saturation. Then adjusted digitally as needed. All the paintings below are done on a 16" x 24" panel . The black and white images are done on various sizes of paper and then scanned. Some adjusted in Photoshop. See the contact page.

The painting files are currently RGB and .jpg, which gives truer color interpretations for digital printing, but easily changed to CMYK in Photoshop for offset printing. If you wish to have a .pdf then I will start with a CMYK and make a .pdf from that, which gives a truer color rendition as a .pdf. The files are at the original painting's size at 300 dpi, but will be changed to your specifications as requested. The inkings and pencilings are originally grayscale files (unless color is added by request), and are also at the size of the originals (anywhere from 8.5" x 11" up to 11" x 14.25") and at 300 dpi.

The original paintings are for sale . See the contact page.

Not available for rights: 3012, A Forest Fire, Stomach In A Knot

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All images in the book "Perceptions II" are copyright with the Library of Congress.